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Anne Geddes was born and raised in Queensland, Australia. She has always been interested in the strength that a photographic image could hold. In her mid-twenties, she began experimenting with the family camera, developing her signature style of simple structure and immediate visual impact. Now one or the world's most respected and successful professional photographers, Anne has captured the imagination and hearts of people around the globe. Her distinctive, award-winning images of children are currently published in books and reproduced on an array of merchandise in over 50 countries.
At the heart of her success is Anne's deep and abiding love of children. Her unique artistic vision distills all we cherish in babies. Created by a photographer with special gifts, her images reflect enduring values that bring added meaning and joy to life. Anne and her husband Kel live in New Zealand with their two daughters.

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Introducing 4 month old Scarlette from from California, USA. Scarlette looks very cute in her Anne Geddes Baby Bear Jacket.

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New Books

Award-winning photographer Anne Geddes founded a new tradition in visual storytelling and captivated an international audience. Now, after spending 12 months photographing, Anne reveals a range of images that are, in her own words, among the most personally rewarding she has ever created. A beautiful gift book of more than 100 never-before-published photographs, BEGINNINGS will be released worldwide on 10.10.10 in countries including, the United States, Canada, Germany, Italy, Australia, New Zealand, and Poland.
“I have always been fascinated by elements of nature at the moment of transformation,” comments Anne. “Babies are the human face of beginnings, but all of nature is caught in this insistent stream of seasons, of aging and rebirth, of concealment and bursting forth. Every time I unwrap a newborn, even after all these years of photographing them, I am aware of the miracle before me. This book, Beginnings, took me on a journey of discovery to reveal these everyday miracles of nature, these complementary wonders, in imagery.”
Continuing in the tradition that has made her one of the most sought-after and popular photographers in the world, in BEGINNINGS, Anne Geddes presents the simple and elegant elements of nature as we have never seen them before. With her camera, she has conceived a fresh story about the delicate and powerful mystery of new life that will inspire nature lovers just as surely as her images of babies have captured the imaginations of people around the globe. She reveals the intricate beauty of birds’ nests, the delicacy of eggs, and the glorious color hidden inside the tight, unopened petals of a blossom before it blooms. Then, she expands on her visual metaphor to reveal surprising and illuminating juxtapositions of beginnings in floral and human forms.
Once again, Anne Geddes draws our eye to celebrate those treasures worth nurturing and protecting. Told in a language of love that is understood by so many cultures and people of all ages, BEGINNINGS is sure to transcend boundaries, as her other internationally bestselling books have done.

Sleeping Beauties: Newborns in Dreamland
Sleeping Beauties: Newborns in Dreamland - The new coffee table book Sleeping Beauties: Newborns in Dreamland is a treasure trove of sweetness and light. Twin photographers Tracy Raver and Kelley Ryden provide an up close look at infants in their first days. Some are wrapped in cocoons, curled on blankets, draped from hammocks - all wearing not more than their birthday suits. The photos evoke Anne Geddes (an inspiration for the women) with their lighting and focus on expression, but use fewer props. They gradually narrowed their focus to babies under two weeks old. Why? The challenge they both say.
As they get older, they are harder to keep in that sleepy state. Capturing the images means keeping the studio at a toasty 90 degrees, keeping the babies sleepy and full, and spending three to four hours at a time for six or seven set-ups. The two rules in the studio: No crying and no waking up. Some of the images are composites, holding the babies in position and then taking a shot without them. The results look natural. All are carefully posed, but the variety is evident. Some are shots with twins. Some with that half-drowsy smile at some secret dream, and other with lips pursed as if pondering deep, philosophical theories.
Both are mothers: Raver has a 10-month-old and Ryden has a 5-year-old and a 3-year-old. With their first book released last month (Sellers Publishing, $29.95) and an appearance on the Today show on April 8, they are already working on their second book project. For expecting mothers hoping to get their own newborn shots from Raver and Ryden, they have to act quickly. The studio is already booked through August. There is such a short window for capturing newborns. We love that age, said Raver.
And capturing that for parents is truly rewarding. --Austin American-Statesman-By Tara A. Trower, Wednesday, March 31, 2010

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