2009 Mustang spy shot

Ford has begun testing prototypes for its 2009 Mustang, which appears to be destined for a serious mid-cycle makeover. The car is spotted in heavy traffic for all of ten seconds, and The Car Connection managed a drive-by photo-blitz as the 'Stang passed by. With only mere seconds to take in the design as the stoplight turned green, the first word that came to mind was "Giugiaro." It seems that that first impression may have been justified, after analyzing the photos once the dust (and traffic) cleared.

Putting these spy shots up next to pix of the Giugiaro Mustang concept that originally debuted at the L.A. Auto Show, we see some definite similairities between the front-clips of these two cars.

The hoodline on this prototype shares the graceful arc of the Italian- inspired show car, and a similar wheel arch appears to reside beneath the camouflage. A sharp, angled character line also appears to be visible on the prototype's front bumper, and its angle and placement matches the Giugiaro concept's nose detail to a T.

A Giugiaro adaptation of the Mustang would seem more at home at a venue like the Geneva Motor Show -- Italdesign's usual stomping grounds -- so the fact that it debuted in L.A. and is currently gracing the Ford display at the Detroit auto show has raised some eyebrows, and has begun rumors that the show car's cues might just be on tap for the next-gen Mustang.

Those rumblings now appear to have plenty of merit behind them. Now we're eager to see a prototype that represents more than an early front-end mule. To see how much of the Giugiaro concept's overall shape will be incorporated into the refreshed '09 Mustang is now the next big question.

With fierce competition coming from the new Camaro and Challenger, the facelifted Mustang may just need show car looks to keep pace.

Jan 18, 2007 by: The Car Connection

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