Mustang Anti-theft Systems Help Foil Thieves

Imagine a thief tries to steal the wildly popular 2005 Ford Mustang. This Mustang has Ford's optional anti-theft package and this thief will need to contend with three of the most effective anti-theft technologies on the market today: a transponder-based engine immobilizer, inclination sensing, and ultrasonic intrusion sensing.

The combination of these three technologies on the Mustang allows the anti-theft system to protect both itself and the vehicle. This provides customers with an excellent chance at driving down the car's risk of theft. Since Mustang is one of the most desirable and in-demand cars of 2005, this has proven to be a great selling point.

"The 2005 Mustang's factory-installed anti-theft system is one of the most sophisticated in North America," said John Tenbusch, product design engineer, Electrical and Electronics, Body and Security. "Thanks to this system the car is no longer on the Highway Loss Data Institute's top ten list of most stolen vehicles."

The Mustang, like 80 percent of Ford's production volume, is equipped with Ford's patented SecuriLockTM engine immobilizer, which uses a transponder chip located in each key. This makes it one of the most sophisticated passive anti-theft systems available.

Many of the competitive systems in the field today use older technology, which relies on unique ignition lock contacts or just a simple starter disable. The Ford systems require detection of the correct code in the key's transponder chip before authorizing the powertrain controller to start the engine.

Auto theft by towing has become an increasing concern. To combat tow-away theft, the new Mustang's optional active anti-theft package employs an inclination sensor designed to detect changes in the car's angle after it has been parked. If the sensor detects the angle has changed, it will sound the vehicle's alarm. An ultrasonic intrusion sensor monitors motion inside the vehicle cabin to detect window breakage during "smash-and-grab" thefts.

In addition to the "smash-and-grab" ultrasonic interior motion detector, perimeter sensors are designed to detect the opening of the hood, doors or trunk when the anti-theft system is armed and sound the alarm if a would-be thief tries to open the door or get under the hood.

"It's encouraging to see an automaker take an active role in reducing auto theft," said Kip Diggs, media relations specialist, State Farm.

Dearborn, Sept. 21, 2005
Source: Ford Mustang news from the Ford Motor Company

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