Shaker System Rocks the Mustang

Lets Rock'n'Roll in it! Take one glance and take one listen at the 2005 Ford Mustang and you'll know what that means. There are two audiophile systems available for this legendary pony car: the Shaker 500 and Shaker 1000.

Featuring a six CD in-dash head unit, the Shaker 500 kicks out the jams with 500 watts of peak power, and its big brother weighs in with 1,000 watts. Boasting MP3 disc playback capability, the Shaker systems have the potential to be 1,500-song jukeboxes. With 60 hours of music in rotation, the road trip revival is about to begin.

Mustang and song have been a natural pair since the pony car's inception. Mustang was born to an era defined by its music and was as much a departure from the cars of that time as '60s music, in all its variations, was a departure from its time. It's hard to imagine Mustang without at least the capability to blare out the anthems of yesterday or today. And that's what makes the new Mustang's audio system so important.

The audio team accomplished its goal of a booming sound by designing the door speaker packaging using enclosures that are part of the door assembly. Also, the single enclosure subwoofer was designed to permit on-line assembly at AAI and increase trunk space. This means they can build them faster and with better quality control. The Shaker 1000's performance is leaps and bounds better than the current MACH 1000.

While Ford designed and implemented the Shaker systems, it worked closely with Delphi, which supplied the radio head units, and Visteon, which co-developed the speaker packaging and system architecture. Ford Marketing named the systems after one of the Mustang's exterior design cues, the MACH 1 "Shaker" hood.

The Shaker brand is exclusive to Mustang and owned by Ford. It gives Ford the flexibility to push the envelope in the systems we provide.

Dearborn, Mich., March 18, 2005
Source: Ford Mustang news from the Ford Motor Company

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