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Redesigning a legend is never easy. Sticking with an old-school look might not be enough to attract new customers while taking too many steps forward threatens to alienate the legions of fans who worship the original. Ford looks to have successfully straddled the line between retro influences and modern design with the 2005 Mustang as it's both visually appealing and physically potent. With more power under the hood, a simple yet effective suspension and an interior that will impress young and old alike, this Mustang is a winner.

The Ford Mustang is the "Most Significant Vehicle of the Year." That's the opinion of consumers visiting the website. The Santa Monica, Calif.-based automotive information website reports the Mustang was the overwhelming favorite of participants in the 2005 survey.

According to Edmunds, it was a landslide victory for the redesigned Mustang.

"We can see why," said the site's editors. "It delivers huge bang for the buck along with unmistakable retro styling and a solid performance. Not only can you score a V-8-powered GT for just $25,000, it's as long on features as it is on performance. Heck, even the base models get a strong-running V-6 and a sweet set of wheels. Ford needed a home run, and it got one in the 2005 Mustang."

The Mustang also took top honors in the "under $25,000 coupe" segment, gathering twice as many votes as the runner up in the category, the Mini Cooper. On the overall favorites list, the Chrysler 300 sedan came in second and the new Chevy Corvette was third.

Mazda took top honors in two categories.

The MX5 Miata again led the list of convertibles priced under $25,000 and the MAZDA3 topped the "sedan under $15,000" category, besting Honda and Toyota.

"Can you say 'déjà vu'?" the Edmunds editors asked. "The rankings in this category looked a lot like they did last year, with the peppy MAZDA3 (41 percent) outgunning all challengers for another decisive win."

The Honda Civic took second place and the Toyota Corolla came in third in the category.

The Ford GT was voted the top "Exotic" car by the Edmunds survey participants. According to, the second-place Enzo wasn't even close.

"Who knows why the GT suddenly pulled to the front of the pack?" Edmunds editors asked rhetorically. "But there's no denying that it belongs there with its racecar styling, supercharged performance and six-figure price tag. If the GT isn't a proper exotic, we don't know what is."

It is the fourth year in a row that visitors have been asked to vote on their favorite vehicles.

Dearborn, May 11, 2005
Sources: Ford Mustang news from the Ford Motor Company and

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