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How a tattoo is made?

A tattoo is a design that is permanently etched in the skin using needles and ink. The word tattoo is derived from the Tahitian term "tatua," which means "to mark." Tattoos have been displayed by people of all cultures for centuries, but they have only recently gained social acceptance in the United States.

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Tattooing has been around since ancient times and its presence in our mainstream society is not going to fade away anytime soon. In 3 percent of American households today, at least one of their members has one or more tattoos. At least 12 million Americans have one tattoo. This decorative artform continues to be a growing attraction to teenagers. Teens as young as 13 and 14 are getting their first tattoos. It isn't just males who are getting them, over the past twenty years the number of women getting tattoos has quadrupled. Your can read more in the info section of this site.

Tattoo Prints & Posters

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History of Body Piercing
Throughout history people have decorated and altered the appearance of their bodies in many different ways. Body piercing is one of the oldest and most interesting forms of body modification, yet the reasons for piercing the body are as diverse as the cultures they come from. Throughout history body piercing have been practiced by many cultures for many centuries; it is believed as long as five thousand years. Your can read more in the info section of this site.

Permanent Make-up
There are many different procedures a permanent cosmetic technician can provide. The most frequently requested procedures are eyebrows, eyeliner, and lip color. These procedures take between 1-2 hours apiece.

Body Piercing Jewelry

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Henna and Mehndi
The history and origin of henna and it's uses is hard to track, with centuries of migration and cultural interaction it is difficult to determine where particular traditions began, though there is some historical evidence that mehndi as a ceremonial art form was originated in ancient India. Your can read more in the info section of this site.

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The Ten Worst Things to Hear in a Tattoo Shop

10. Do you mind paying me up front?
     People stiff me if I donít get the money before I do the job.
9.  I havenít learned drawing a Grim Reaper yet,
     so I did a naked chick hugging Mickey instead.
8.  Donít worry, this is a one of a kind tattoo.
     Your clover has five leaves, not four.
7.  Iíd like you to meet my father-in-law, heís a laser removal specialist.
6.  Just let me toss back another shot and weíll get started.
5.  You mean B-O-O-B doesn't it spell Bob?
4.  If you donít like it, donít panic. I do bitchiní cover-ups.
3.  Latex gloves are for sissies.
2.  A Screaming Eagle?! I thought you said "A Preening Beagle".
1.   OOPS!

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